New publications

Very pleased to be able to report several new publications since last time:

  • I wrote an essay on estries, vampire-like creatures from Jewish mythology, which was purchased and published by Pen and Kink Publishing. It is available here.
  • My short story “News from the Extreme Chess Olympiad” will be appearing in Futuristica Volume 2. This dark comedy details a nightmarish chess match from the future in which two world-class players fight for their lives, one of whom may be bringing the fight to the league administrators as well. Details to follow as they become available.
  • My short story “A Most Unusual Applicant” has been posted in its entirety at, available here. It details the second adventure of Jadie Rivers, thief extraordinaire, and those who enjoyed her first adventure will hopefully like this one too.
  • Another short story, “Trellach v. Damar”, is also available at (here). It details the battle of wits between the conniving noble of a mountain-bound fiefdom and the malevolent necromancer who becomes trapped in her town. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope it’s just as much fun to read.
  • My last Tellest-related update (at least for now) is that my novelette “The Golem-Maker of the Hills” is available in its entirety to subscribers to the tellest newsletter; an excerpt is available to all here. This story details what happens when Grannick, a rugged mercenary, stumbles into a surprisingly prosperous town in the middle of nowhere. He makes friends with one of the town’s youngest inhabitants, the little girl Laika, but when he learns that Laika is being exploited by the town’s leader, he must decide how best to rescue the girl without destroying the village.

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